How can I send a non-ASX announcement via email?

Currently, there are two ways to send an announcement out via email. You can use the "Manual Upload" feature that's part of Newsroom. Or you can use the "Compose New Mail" function within HQi's "Mail" module.

Manual Upload in Newsroom

Sending an email alert this way will result in the following style of email being sent. The system creates your email alert for you based on the default "Newsroom News" email template. If you choose to add a “brief field”, this will be shown between the announcement title and the announcement link.


Here's how to use the "Manual Upload" tool to send out an announcement:

  1. After logging in, choose the "Manual Upload" button under IRM Newsroom.


  1. Fill in the fields for "Title", "Release Date" and "Content File" (for PDFs). If it's an external link, put the URL in the "Link to external content" field. You can also edit where the announcement would be published by choosing the tabs for "Website", "Email" or "Social media" (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  1. Once saved, the news item will appear in the "Pending" section of Newsroom. (Please note, this may take a minute to process before it shows up in the "Pending" section.) After selecting the item, click on "Release" then "Yes" on the pop-up window. If your "Manual Upload" settings in your distribution channels are set to "Ignore", this will appear as ignored within the "Released" section. But you can re-release the announcement by following the instructions here.


Compose New Mail

Sending an email alert via the "Compose New Mail" section allows you to create a new email. By default, this will use your header and footer from other alerts, but the body of the email will be replaced by the text that you enter.


To send an email via the "Compose New Mail" feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. After logging in, tap "Compose New Mail" under the "Mail" section of HQi.
  2. Enter your Email Subject.
  3. Pick out the subscriber group that you wish to send your email to. We recommend adding a test subscriber group with yourself and a couple of others so you can test your email.
  4. Add your Email Body.
  5. Select the "Save & Preview" or the "Save & Test" button to show you how your email would look when received. 
  6. Once ready, hit "Send".

How to add a link in emails via the "Compose New Mail" function? Click here to learn how.

Please note: Once you've selected "Save & Preview", your email will be saved and will be accessible at a later date.