Uploading a PDF and linking it to a page

Here's the tutorial video on uploading and adding a link to a PDF:


You can upload the PDF to the repository we call "PDFs for Upload" page by following these steps.

1. From "HQi Content Manager," click "Add/Edit Pages" and navigate to the "PDFs for Upload" page.

2. Add the title of the document, a brief summary and its effective date. Then load the document through the "Content File" tab and hit "Save."

3. After saving, the "Authorise" button will appear at the top of the page. You can click that button to approve your upload. Alternatively, you can go to "HQi Content Manager" and select "Authorise" to process its approval. 

4. To copy the link to the uploaded PDF, you will need to navigate back to the "PDFs for Upload" page. At the bottom of the page, where you have the history, find the document and select "Copy Link."

5. The URL for the PDF will then be shown in the following pop-up. Highlight the relative URL and copy it (Ctrl + C). ( Note: Do not copy the entire URL, start copying from /site... or /irm...; e.g.: /irm/PDF/1128_0/testpdf)


Adding a PDF Link to a Page

1. Go to "Add/Edit Pages" under "HQi Content Manager," and select the page you want to add the PDF link to.

2. In the editor, highlight the text you want to serve as the PDF link and tap the chain icon.

3. A window will appear for you to paste the PDF link. Paste (Ctrl + V) the URL and click "OK." Remember to change "Target" to "New Window," if you would like the PDF to open in a new window.  

4. After applying the links, don't forget to click "Save" and "Authorise" so the changes will be applied.