Rejecting Announcements Using Newsroom

Rejecting an Announcement

There are two ways to Reject an announcement if you have selected "Pending" in the approval process settings.

1. The first way is to login to HQi and reject the release of an announcement from there. To do this, choose the "Pending" button under the "IRM Newsroom" section of the HQi menu.

You will be shown the following screen below.

Tap the "Reject" button next to the announcement that you wish to reject. After choosing the "Reject" link, you will receive a notification box under the Pending page.

2. The second method to Reject an announcement is via the "Approval Required" email, as in the example below. Click the "Ignore" button on the right-hand side of the options. 

This will direct you to a new page (see below sample), which serves as an added security against email bots that automatically do checks. Tick the “Yes” box in the “Are you sure to ignore?” field and click on the “Ignore” button. Both items need to be selected to reject your news. 

You will then be taken to a confirmation page noting that your news release was rejected, as in the example below.