Adding images/tables using HQI templates


You may add images and tables using the templates that are available on the HQI text editor. 

Under "HQi Content Manager," click "Add/Edit Pages" and find the page where you would like to add an image or table.

In the text editor window, place your cursor on the location where you will be adding the image or table then lick on Insert>Template.

On the Insert Template box, click on the Templates drop-down.

For images, you have the option to add 2 columns or 3 columns of images.

Once you select an image template, it will display placeholders for the images. You will need to replace the placeholders with the actual images that you like to display on the page. To edit the image, highlight the placeholder by clicking on the box, once highlighted, click the Edit image icon on top of the text editor and then select the image that you like to display. You may also edit the size of the image from here.

For tables, you have the option to add either a one-heading table or two-heading table. 

Once you selected the template, the table will show on the text editor. You may edit the heading and the contents of the table. You also have an option to add/delete rows and add/delete columns by clicking on the small icons under the table.

Once you're done with the changes, click on Save to keep your changes. Do not forget to click Authorise to send the changes live on the website.