Applying an anchor text in a page


An anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink to direct users to a certain location on your web page. It’s useful for pages with long content or if you want users to quickly go to a specific area of your page.

You can add a table of contents or sitemap within that page, so that users can jump to a selected section when they click the anchor text on the sitemap.

How to set it up?

First, choose where you want the anchors to be placed. In our example, the page content has different sections and those section titles were used as anchor texts.

1. Highlight the text to set it up, as shown below.

2. Next, select the anchor tool from the text editor menu.

3. A box will then appear where you can put a unique ID for that anchor. This ID will be used to target the anchor later. As a rule, you should not add spaces in your ID as this is not a valid HTML format for an anchor. Click the “Ok” button after adding your ID. (For this example, we used “Section” as an ID.) 

4. Now, you can add a table of contents or sitemap to feature your anchors and direct users to selected sections.

How to put a hyperlink to your anchor text?

  1. Highlight the text where you want to add a hyperlink and click on the hyperlink button on the toolbar.

2. In the “Anchors” field, select the anchor text ID from the dropdown - and that's it! You may now test your page to see that it scrolls to that section when clicked.