Intro to IRM Newsroom

IRM Newsroom automates your announcements' upload and distribution process by linking with a market data provider and automatically downloading all released ASX Announcements associated with your ticker code. It also searches through news websites, social media and RSS feeds to gather relevant company information.

An email is then sent to your company's nominated person(s), who can approve (also edit or reject) the announcement for upload to your website, as well as distribution to your email subscribers and social media networks, with as little as one click.

Newsroom can be customised to behave depending on your announcement type. For example, when an Appendix 3B (ASX Other) announcement is released to market, the system, by default, may be set to upload the announcement only to your announcements page and not your homepage or email list. However, if an ASX Progress announcement, such as a Drilling Report, is released, the system may upload this to your announcements page, homepage, email distribution list and social media channels. Of course, you have the option of changing the settings for individual announcements, if required.

Newsroom can also be used to release other news items or non–ASX announcements to your website, email distribution and social media channels. Read on for more details on your Newsroom options in HQi...


You can view all your company announcements that have been lodged with the ASX from the "Pending" screen. In this queue, you can release or reject announcements for posting on your website or sending to other distribution channels.


The "Released" tab will show all your announcements that have been released with ASX. You also have the option to re-release your selected announcements in this section.

Manual Upload

"Manual Upload" allows you to add documents or links manually so you can share news items through your website and other distribution channels. After they are uploaded, these docs or links will be listed on the "Pending" section for your approval.

Distribution Channels

The "Distribution Channels" section lets you set up channels where your announcements will be distributed, i.e., your company website, email alerts and social media network. This function enables you to apply settings to individual announcement types. A number of distribution options have been provided for each announcement category, including website, email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Delivery Reports

The "Delivery Reports" section displays a log of all your emails that have been sent out using Newsroom and HQI.


The "Settings" page allows you to add and amend your standard brief text that is sent with your announcement. Your brief usually serves as an introduction of your message or news item. However, you may also choose to skip this field as it is optional.