Using the Manual Upload

Manual Upload allows you to add documents or articles manually into a web page or sent to a distribution channel of your choice. This functionality is for announcements that are not automatically released and must be decided on per item. 

1. Under "IRM Newsroom" select "Manual Upload" in the HQi menu.


2. Fill in the fields for "Title" and "Release Date". If you're uploading a PDF, select the "Choose File" button in the "Content File" section to upload the document. If it's an external link, put the URL in the "Link to external content" field. You can also add an image for the release by tapping the "Choose File" button in the "Featured Image" section.

On the settings for the announcement, you'll be able to determine the channels (tabs) through which it will be sent. Hit "Save" when you're done.


3. The uploaded file will now be on the "Pending" section where you can click on "Release" to send it out.


4. You'll then see a pop-up window, where you need to confirm its release by hitting the "Yes" button.