Adding Images for Social Media Posts

You can set images for your posts on Facebook and LinkedIn through Newsroom.

1. Facebook posts

When you release a news item on Facebook, an image will be included along with your post. Here are the images that will appear according to your post’s source or link:

a. YouTube – the first image of the video thumb

b. Manual upload – the featured image you uploaded

c. ASX announcement – the image of the PDF file’s first page

d. WordPress – the featured image you set in WordPress

e. Shopify – the featured image you selected in Shopify

f. LinkedIn – the featured image of the news item

2. LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn will usually opt to use an image from your link and ignore any image you upload, should you want a different one. For example, if you upload a featured image in YouTube, LinkedIn will just display a YouTube frame and disregard your uploaded featured image. 

However, LinkedIn will show your featured images for ASX Announcements and tweets on Twitter.

Overriding the set image - 

At pending stage:

To override the default image of a Pending announcement generated by Newsroom, go to IRM Newsroom>Pending>Edit and upload a Featured Image prior to releasing the announcement. 

After Released:

To edit Released announcements, go to IRM Newsroom>Released>Edit>upload Featured Image and click save. After uploading the featured image, you may Re-release the announcement to the desired distribution (web, email or social media).