How do I Install my IRM Newsroom free trial?

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My Newsroom is activated, what now?

Firstly, thanks for choosing to use IRM Newsroom. Welcome aboard!

Since you’re reading this, you must be in the last part of setting it all up.

There are two ways you can do this…

If you’re using WordPress, you can choose to install Newsroom using the plugin here.

If not, that’s ok. On your site that we provided (something like, there will be a section with the code to copy and paste to the pages of your site where you’d like to display your brand new feeds!

Let’s go through it in more detail…

To set up the WordPress plugin, please follow the steps here:

Installation of Newsroom using the IRM WordPress Plugin

1. The plugin can be installed via the plugins / add new menu in WordPress. Upload the provided zip file when prompted in WordPress. Once installed you can access the plugin via Settings / IRM Newsroom in WordPress back end.


2. Add the site key provided to you, which should be something like http and then Click "Save Changes" to update the setting. If you have entered the site key properly it should show a list of your pages below.


3. Under the menu List Page Shortcodes and Flat Page Shortcodes you will find your pages from the IRM version of your site.


4. Copy and paste the short codes into the new relevant pages that you have created. This will be dependent on the type of announcements you'll have, and how many you'd like to feed through from the ASX.


5. You should now be able to log in to the IRM HQI CMS to view the back end of the plugin. From here you will be able to change where the Announcements go (for example, to the website only, to the email database and social media).

6. First, login to the URL provided for the Short Key, with an additional ' /IRM ' at the end of it. 

7. Login using the details provided by your project / account manager. The dashboard screen will appear with all the settings you'll need under 'Newsroom'.


8. If your theme supports it, you can also import the menu from your IRM site into WordPress. However, it will link back to your IRM site rather than the WordPress site, so this may be useful only if you are replicating the IRM theme on your WordPress blog.

9. The plugin also comes with a feature that can connect your WordPress blog to your IRM site. So when you publish a new blog post or update an existing one, it can be published on the IRM site as well.

Installation of Newsroom using Javascript

For the javascript installation you may need the help of your web developer as there is a code library that they’ll need to add. It’s just dropping a couple of lines of code to the website, so that your site can talk to Newsroom and the feeds will work.

You’ll just need to show them this helpful guide:

If you’re comfortable doing this yourself, you just need to add the following code into your website header file, after the <head> tag and before the closing </head> tag.

You’ll just need to remember to replace “tickercode” with your given ticker code.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to navigate to your instance of Newsroom. In the top navigation, you should see a page labelled Javascript Installation.

Note: This will be located on

From here, you’ll see the code that you just need to copy and paste into your site to show the feeds. For example, you’ll see a feed for the ASX Announcements. You’ll just need to copy and paste that code and put this onto your ASX Announcements page on your website.

Continue to do this for the other pages you need.

How do I add the Sign Up for Email Alerts page?

For this one, you’ll just need to create a new page on your website, and then copy and paste the below code to that page:

<div data-userregistrationformurl='' data-gotourl=''>..</div>
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Remember to replace tickercode with your code!