Adding a showcase to your site

HQi Showcase is a great tool to introduce products or services your company can offer. You can also present projects, programs, mining explorations, even real estate or properties related to your business.

IRM will design your Showcase as required. It may be best to speak with IRM Support to ensure the styling is set up to work with the current version of your website. There may be a few necessary tweaks for the Showcase feature to work effectively.

A few examples can be seen in the websites of Seymour Whyte and BWP Trust Property.

How to Add a Showcase on your Website:

1. In your HQi dashboard, go to "HQi Content Manager" and select "Add/Edit Pages".

2. Choose the section or page where you would like to add your new Showcase, then select the green  button.

3. A pop-up box will then appear (see below) indicating the "Select Page Type" option. Click on the drop-down menu to expand the list, choose "Showcase Search" then click on "Add Page."

4. Once you have selected "Add Showcase Search," you will be transferred to the following page (below) where you need to fill in the fields. 

  • In the Page Title field, add the name of your new Showcase. This will appear within HQi and on your website.
  • Show Page in Menu – Tick this button if you want the page to show within your website navigation instantly. If left un-ticked, the page will not show until the option is selected.
  • In the Showcase Category, select the category of your Showcase.
  • Display Page - In the drop-down box, choose how you would like your Showcase to display on your website.
  • Once these fields are populated, hit the "SAVE" button. You can now add items into your Showcase.