Adding New Jobs

How to Add New Jobs to your Careers Section

1. On HQi's menu, navigate to the "Careers" tab and click on "Add/Edit Careers."

2. Then click the "Add" button to add a new job listing.

3. Clicking the "Add" button will display these fields to fill out:

  • Title - Add the title/name of your new job listing.
  • Field - Choose what field or category the new job listing belongs to. You can add more fields in the "Add/Edit Fields" under the "Careers" tab.
  • State/Province - Indicate the state and province of your new job listing.
  • Area - Specify the area or location of the job listing.
  • Closing Date - Point out the closing date of the job listing.
  • Hidden - Check this box to hide the new job listing from your website. Leave the box unchecked if you want it to appear there.
  • Summary - Write a brief summary of the new job listing.
  • File - Upload a file related to the new position. This file may be downloaded by job seekers.
  • External URL - Add an external URL or link to the details of the job.
  • Full Description - Provide the full description and details of your new job listing.


4. After completing the career details, click the "Save" button to post your new job listing.