Customising the home page elements

Here's the tutorial video on customising the homepage elements: 


Please note: This new feature will only be included in our most recent website developments. It will allow you to make changes to your home page and other more advanced areas of your site. If you're interested in adding customisation to your website, please submit your request to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

With customisation, it's now possible for you to edit sections of your website that previously required a web developer. This includes the banner images, promo box content and banner text and titles. Please see the step by step instructions below for more details.

1. On your HQi dashboard, hover to the "HQi Content Manager" section and click on "Customisation."


2. From there, you'll see a list of all things on your homepage. By clicking on the blue world icon next to the element you want to edit, you can change the text, link or image on that section.

On the example below, you can edit the homepage slider images headings and sub-headings.


3. When changing the banner images - Select the 'choose file' and upload the new banner image from your computers database. 


4. Remember to hit "Save" after updating the images or content. You can review your changes by selecting "Preview" at the top of the dashboard.