Adding or replacing an image on a flat page

Here's the tutorial video on adding or replacing an image:


1. Under "HQi Content Manager," click "Add/Edit Pages" and find the page you would like to update the image from.

2. In the text editor, ensure your cursor is in the location where the new image would be, then tap the image icon to add the new image. 

3. Use the folder icon to search for the new image on your computer. 

4. You can upload a new image by pressing the "Add New File" button and following the steps for uploading the new image. Alternatively, you can choose an existing image from the image table. 

5. Once selected, the following window will appear where you can add in an image description, also known as ALT tag. This description will show the image in Google image search and assist with the page SEO. From the same window, you can also adjust the size of the image by entering a different pixel width and height. Ensure the image is not stretched by checking the "Constrain proportions" box.

6. The image will then appear in the text editor. If you need to make any description or size changes, just tap the image once and an option box will appear at the base. Click on the three lines, as show below, for the image options. You can also replace the image by selecting the three lines.

7. To adjust the formatting of the image, you can use the paragraph formatting in the text editor above the image.

Remember to save and authorise the changes you have made.