Adding, editing and removing content

Here's the tutorial video on adding, editing and removing content:


1. When you select the "Add/Edit Pages" button under "HQi Content Manager," you will see a list of all the pages within your website navigation.

2. To add, edit or delete content, choose the link for the relevant page.

 3. You will then be directed to the text editor, where you can edit content as well as add hyperlinks and images. 

4. Once you have made changes to the content, hit the "Save" button at the top of the page.

5. After saving the changes, you will see the "Authorise" button at the top of the page. You can choose this button when you're ready to publish your page as it will redirect you to the "Authorise Content" section.

6. After clicking the "Authorise" button, you will see 3 buttons at the top: "Approve", "Reject" and "Cancel". Choose "Approve" if you want the latest changes on the page to be applied and shown on your website. Click "Reject" if you want the latest changes to be rejected and not applied to your current page. Or select "Cancel" to go back to "Authorise Content".

7. You can also use the "Authorise Content" function on HQi's main dashboard to approve pages on your website. 


Adding an Image to a Flat Page

Images can now be added to your web page using the same text editor. 

1. Place the cursor in the area where you would like to add the image, then click the image button.

2. Once the "Insert/Edit" image window appears, tap the folder on the right-hand side to search for your new photo. In this section, you can also add an image title (also known as an ALT tag for SEO purposes) and adjust the size of the image. 

3. Once you have chosen the image folder, your image bank will appear, including all previously uploaded photos. To add a new image, use the "Add New File" tab on the top left corner. 

4. Tap the "Choose Files" button to search your computer for the new image and hit "Save." 

5. Once the image is uploaded, use "Select" to insert the new photo on your page.


Important Note
Ensure that the image you are uploading is saved as either a JPEG, PNG or a GIF for it to upload successfully.

6. Once you are done adding images to the page, tap the "Save" button at the top of the page.

7. To make the changes live on your site, go to "Authorise Content" under the "Content Manager" section on the menu. Then on the next screen, click "Approve/Reject" on your latest revision.

Deleting Content or an Image from a Page

In the text editor, simply highlight the text or image you would like deleted and use the backspace or delete button to remove it. Remember to save the changes and authorise content in "Content Manager." 

Important Note
Do not click the "Hide" button at the top of the editing window. Selecting "Hide" will cause this page to be removed from your website and an error message or blank page will be displayed in its place. If this happens, please press the "Unhide" button or contact IRM Support.