Adding a hyperlink to a flat page

Here's the tutorial video on adding hyperlink to a flat page:


A hyperlink allows you to include a link to a URL. Please note that hyperlinks can only be added to flat pages.

1. To add a hyperlink, select "Add/Edit Pages" under "Content Manager" and choose the page where the hyperlink will be added. If you're linking to a PDF file, kindly follow the instructions here. 

2. Highlight the text where you wish to make a hyperlink and click the chain icon shown below.

3. At the pop-up, find the "URL" box and enter the address you want as the link's destination, as shown below.

4. Hit "OK" and your text will be underlined in blue to show that it is a hyperlink.


Important Note
By default, a hyperlink will open within the existing page. If you want a link to open to another window, change this setting at the "Target" box in the link pop-up (see image in point #3).