Approving Announcements Using Newsroom

Approving an Announcement

There are two ways to approve the release of an ASX announcement if you have decided on "Authorise" as the approval process for announcements.

1. The first approval option is via email.

When IRM Newsroom detects an announcement has been lodged via the ASX Online platform, an email will be sent to the company secretary or any user that is registered with the IRM Newsroom.

The "Approval Required" email has three options: "Release," "Edit" and "Reject." To quickly send the announcement, choose the "Release" button in the email, as shown below.

This will release the announcement to the channels that have been set up in the "Distribution Channels" settings. Then you will be redirected to a page confirming the release of your announcement.


You will also receive an email confirming the release of such announcement.

2. The second way is to approve the release of an announcement from HQi.

To do this, click the "Pending" button under the "IRM Newsroom" section of the HQi menu. You will be taken to the following screen:

The announcement that needs to be approved will have a "Pending" status. On the right-hand side of this menu, you will see the "Release/Reject" options. To authorise the announcement, hit "Release."


Once you have clicked the "Release" option, the following message will appear. To approve the release, tap the "Yes" button.

Note:  When users try to resend email of  announcements that are released 3 days ago or more, it will prompt with a warning message:


Once you have selected "Yes," the release will be authorised and the announcement will be sent out to the Distribution Channels you have set up. A confirmation message will appear on the "Authorise" screen at the top of your page.

You will also receive an email notification, as shown below.