Adding 2-way authentication on Email Alerts Registration

HQi is now equipped with a 2-way authentication process for your email alerts subscription. This means after subscribers register to receive your emails, they will get a verification message in their inbox to make sure they are the real deal.

Soon as they verify themselves (i.e., within 48 hours), they will be directed to a page confirming they’ve successfully enlisted in your mailing list. Otherwise, their email address will be deactivated in your HQi subscriber list

Here are the steps to activate the 2-way authentication on email alerts registration.

  1. Update your SPF record. Click here for the  tutorial on updating your SPF record
  2. Before activating the 2-way authentication, it is important to change the From and Reply-to address on the Preferences page to your company's email address so the subscribers can identify that the registration email is for your website. To do this, go to HQI>Settings>Mail Settings and change the email address that is on the boxes.


3. Go to HQI> Settings and look for Email Alerts Two-way Authentication section. Click the tick box for Enable Email Alerts Two-way Authentication to activate this feature and click Update on top of the Preferences page.